What kinds of things can I post on Flambu?
Pretty much anything, so long as it’s not illegal, inappropriate, perishable,
unsanitary, or offensive to others.
We’ll be deleting posts that don’t follow our rules or item’s that don't fit our
community. If you want answers for specific items, send us an email at and we’d be happy to help out.
How do I change my email address or phone number?
If you want to change your phone number or email address, or if you
signed up with Google or Facebook and would like to change your account
to an email-based account, please get in touch with us via: Email
Is it free to add items?
Yes, to add an item as well as the connection between neighbors is
completely free.
How to offer an item, or make a request to my neighbors?
By adding your items, you can receive requests for your items from your
neighbors as your items will appear in their search results, or while they
browse the items in the app.
To request an item you can either find an item that you want in the app
and make a private request to the owner, or if you don’t find what you are
looking for you can post a public request so that your neighbours and
friends can see and help you to find the item you are looking for.
Can I lend or rent an item if I don’t have a login?
In order to use the app including searching for items, you will need to be
logged in, or if you don’t have an account yet you need to sign up and
create a profile.
Is insurance included in our exchanges?
For the moment the insurance is not managed by Flambu, everyone
chooses their level of protection. We also advise you to define a deposit
amount for your rental items and communicate that with the renter, verify
the identity of the renter, check their social connections and give your
items to the people you can trust. For more questions feel free to contact
I lost my password, how do I change it?
In the app, you can tap on the “Forgot password” button in the login screen
and you will be able to indicate your email address in order to choose a
new password.
How can I contact Flambu?
Here are the best ways to get in touch with us:
How should I arrange a handover and return?
You can message a lender or borrower on Flambu before or after a rental
request in order to arrange a handover and return.
We recommend agreeing to meet in a public place that's convenient for
the borrower to get to.
After the handover and return, it is important to update the rental’s status
in the app so that in case of issues Flambu team will be able to help with
as much information as possible.
I’ve found an issue/something that can be improved with the app. How
can I let you know?
Contact our tech team at and we’ll make sure we
consider the improvement. Thanks for your feedback
Report a bug
Let us know when you're experiencing tech issues so our support team and
engineers can get on it. If you are experiencing tech issues with our website
or our app, please send an email to . Doing this will log a
case with our internal team to investigate and follow up on.
If the issue is urgent (preventing you from making a transaction or using
the platform right now), a member of our support team will reach out as
quickly as possible to help you resolve this. Make sure you write ‘’urgent’’ in
the mail subject.
What's the best way to take my item's photo?
Don't post pictures of the item that you found online, unless you have rights
to do so. Take pictures during the day, or make sure the picture is bright
enough.Take the photo in landscape format and preferably in a clean
bright background.
About lending/selling
How do I lend something?
1. Create a listing for the item
2. Approve incoming rental requests
3. Arrange a time to exchange your item with the borrower
4. Get paid through Cash
What do I need to do before and after the rental?
Before the rental:
1. Take photos or video of your item before it’s rented out to
someone. These must be timestamped (if you take them with your
smartphone, they will be automatically.)
2. If there’s a core motion function, we need a video of it working. So a
video of the drone flying, or a keyboard playing (with audio on).
This is so if the item stops working during a rental, we can prove
that it was working immediately prior to the rental.
After the rental:
Notify us as soon as possible after the rental that there is an issue or
damage. We cannot respond to any claims made more than 48 hours
after the end date of the rental
How do we get the item that is Rented or Bought?
Once you rented or bought an item then you need to meet the Lender or
Seller in person. Or you can ask for delivery and make them deliver to you.
How do I choose a category for my item?
It's important for your item to be correctly categorised on the site. This is
how to get it right. To help renters find your items more easily and quickly
on the site, we'll ask you to categorise them when you’re listing them.
How do I add, edit or remove an image?
Good photos create more interest in your items. Read about how to add,
edit or remove images to show your item off as much as possible. When
you’re creating a listing, we'll ask you to add pictures of the item. You can
change the pictures through Account> My Items> Edit
To delete your image, click on Edit next to Photos and click on the X on the
bottom right corner.
If you’re getting errors when trying to upload a picture, it could be because
your file isn’t in .jpg or .png format. It might also be too large - we can only
accept images up to 2MB in size.
How do I list an item for sale?
Same process of lending but in the end screen please click on the I want to
sell this item.
What are the fees for sellers?
There is no fee at Flambu, it is completely free.
How do I get paid for a sale?
Currently, cash or bank transfers.
Do I need to mark an item as sold?
No, our system will automatically mark your item as sold once a purchase
has been completed.
How do I decline a pending rental request?
Please click on the ‘Cancel request’ in the item card. Until the 48 hours for
the rental period you can cancel any request that has been requested.
My posting was deleted:
If your posting was deleted, then that means it probably was an offensive,
illegal or inappropriate item. If you think we were mistaken, send us an
email and we’ll sort it out.
About renting/buying
How do I rent something?
1. Find what you’re looking for in the right category
2. Book the item for the dates you need it and get verified by us
3. Arrange a time to collect your item from the renter and enjoy your
4. Return the item to the renter and leave a review
How do I pay for an item?
Payment for all items made through cash or online transfers. In case there
is a problem you can contact as soon as you receive the
item to notify us of your complaint.
How do I set a price for my item?
Fair price is very critical for the community. Lenders are responsible for
setting their own rental prices. If you're listing an item and you're not sure
how to price it, you can:
Ask us to check on our price calculator to guide you towards a
suitable daily price
Check out what price similar items are renting for near you, and
setting your price towards the lower end of that scale
How to extend your rental?
1. If you'd like to extend your rental, please contact the lender, to
check if this request is OK for the lender.
2. If the lender approves the proposed extension, you can send a new
request to the lender.
What time do I need to return the item?
As a renter, you need to make sure you return the item within the
designated rental period. One day's rental is counted as a 24 hour period
from the time you picked up the item. Please contact the lender and check
availability, then please hand over the item.
What happens if the lender doesn’t show up?
Please contact us as soon as possible via email to so
we can proceed with it. You must contact us within 12 hours of the
beginning of the rental period.
How much do I pay if I break an item?
We hope it doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, you’d be on the hook for
the deposit price which is the resale price, which usually works out to about
70% of the item, or the market cost of replacement for whatever’s broken.